What the Royal Wedding Flowers Could Look Like, According to Phillippa Craddock's Instagram

What the Royal Wedding Flowers Could Look Like, According to Phillippa Craddock's Instagram

We're mere days away (hours, really!) from the royal wedding! Eee! And while we're at the edge of our seats wondering about all the details, some of us here at BRIDES are particularly interested in what the flowers are going to look like (hey, it's our job and what we love!). So, what do we know so far? The floral designer is Philippa Craddock, an approved supplier for royal events, and the florists she'll be directing will be using locally sourced flowers. We also know that the color palette is going to be soft, with shades of pinks and whites, and may include peonies (yes please), white garden roses, foxgloves, and branchy elements. And on Tuesday, a delivery truck was spotted right outside Philippa Craddock's London shop, with some suspicious-looking blooms being loaded inside.

But we have so many unanswered questions! What will the bouquet look like? Will it be petite and simple like Kate Middleton's, or something larger and lusher? What about the aisle decor at St. George's Chapel? We all remember the spectacular maple trees that lined the aisle for Kate and Will's wedding, so there could very well be some sort of large installation again for us to look forward to. And don't get us started on all the limitless options for the reception-we've seen some out-of-this-world installations at receptions from Phillippa Craddock's Instagram, so we're hoping for something big!

We scoured Phillippa Craddock's Instagram for clues to what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding flowers could look like. Here are our best predictions.

This insane full floral ceiling is beyond grand. And what's a royal wedding if not grand?!

This arrangement feels both English garden, but also updated and modern. We can totally see Meghan and Harry opting for something similar.

We would love to see the reception table featuring something similar to this. Lush, full blooms running along the center of all the tables makes for such a dramatic and dreamy effect!

Pinks and whites-just like Meghan and Harry's color palette-make this loose bouquet quite different from Kate's bouquet, but yet a viable option for Meghan's!

We know that this jewel-toned palette isn't conducive to the colors that Meghan and Harry will be using, but we'd love to see something out-of-the-box like these hanging arrangements over the rehearsal dinner tables!

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