6 Wedding Registry Items for a Healthy Home

6 Wedding Registry Items for a Healthy Home

From smart homes to tiny homes, there's a ton of buzz in the world of home improvement and design lately. But perhaps getting lost in the headlines are ways to have a healthy home-and what's more important than that?

Yes, it's possible to have a healthier home that looks good, too. Thanks to modern technology and innovation, here are some of our favorite items that can improve the cleanliness, quality and overall wellness level of your home. Be sure to leave some room on your registry!

Crane 1 Gallon Drop-Shape Cool-Mist Humidifier ($54.99)

Did you know that a quality humidifier can help to improve air quality, boost your immune system, hydrate your skin and keep your nasal passages from getting all dried out? Well, it can. With a 1 gallon tank to provide up to 24 hours of moisture, it runs quietly and efficiently with an auto-off function to shut it off when the tank is empty.

AIRMEGA 400S ($749)

Courtesy of Airmega

This Smart App enabled air purifier packs a serious punch against allergens molds and dust in the air, while activated carbon also removes up to 99% of VOCS and odor. Providing two-four air changes per hour based on square footage, you can be sure you're breathing healthy and purified air. With app connectivity, you can even check the indoor air quality from anywhere, while connecting the device to Amazon Alexa for exceptional ease of use, too.

Ecobee3 Thermostat ($239)

A home that is too hot or too cold is never ideal. Instead, ensure your home is at its optimal, healthy temperature with this ecobee3 Thermostat. With expert intuition, this thermostat knows when to activate either heating or cooling based on not only your homes current temperature, but the weather outside, the homes energy profile, and tons of other data points. It can even sense when someone is home and occupying a room, so optimal temperature is achieved when the house is occupied, and you can save money and energy when it's not.

BluPure Ultimate 13-Stage Water Filter ($69.99)

Turn standard tap water into crisp, pure and clean H20 with this countertop water purification system. With a specific purpose at every stage, typical tap water goes through the innovative process within the filter, removing everything from arsenic to pesticides, lead and asbestos. The filter itself is BPA free, and can filter up to 1,500 gallons-nearly a year's worth of water. Added bonus? The entire piece is biodegradable, so no worries when you need a replacement.

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Honest Essentials Bundle ($35.95)

Often the best way to keep a home healthy is to keep it clean. But, lots of cleansers and disinfectants can contain harmful and potentially toxic ingredients. Luckily, The Honest Co. has you covered. You simply pick 5 products for every shipment ranging from multi-surface cleaner to laundry detergent, and more which will be delivered to your door each month. The subscription virtually eliminates the worry and anxiety over which supplies are best to use. And, you'll never run out!

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller ($34.99)

Even the best-kept, cleanest homes can suffer from pests or rodents at one time or another. To keep your home as pest-free as possible simply plug these in an outlet and they'll emit an ultrasonic sound undetectable to human ears while keeping mice bugs, spiders, roaches and more at bay.